Why I Do What I Do

About Us

Stacey Burke, Kiva Consulting president


I am a communication executive with more than 25 years of experience creating communication strategies that enhance enterprise culture and delivering internal and external communications. 

I was born a storyteller--but not a great writer, and like so many people, I was nervous speaking publicly! Through years of training, I learned the art and science of communication. I have applied that knowledge to advance the goals and objectives of publicly-traded companies, politicians, entrepreneurs--even a high school robotics team. 

I started Kiva Consulting to help people like you be more effective communicators so that they can accomplish what they set out to do. I can help you turn complex strategies into authentic messages that will engage a diverse audience and earn their trust and support. 

I can't wait to help you. Let's get to work!



Prepare you for a high-stakes event

Free 30-minute initial consult;

Message review and editing;

1:1 coaching;

Q+A practice; and

Presentation practice (delivery and skills-building).

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Improve your team's communication skills

 In this day-and-a-half training, your team will learn how to: 

Communicate what needs to be done-- right now, to fix a problem or achieve a goal; 

Identify the core message; and

Create an elevator pitch.

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Improve company communications

Ensure purposeful, consistent messaging; 

Review and/or create communication plans to promote, protect and defend your company's reputation and brand;

Major meeting support.

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